Saturday, 15 May 2010

Smallville Season 10

What to expect from Season 10 of Smallville? Well, I think the final episode of Season 9 gave us a few details. But first let's check a few screen caps from that final episode!


So Clark was dreaming about his destiny (as revealed by Doctor Fate a few episodes earlier):

The Red Blur will definitely become Superman and will be able to fly. Yes! That's Clark flying in the sky:

And his suit is actually a gift from his Earth mother:

Lois is more than ever Superman's first fan (she's still working with Clark at the Daily Planet, but she probably doesn't remember that Clark is actually Superman):

Oh and of course, Superman's arch nemesis, Lex Luthor, is still kicking and alive:


But I doubt we'll really get to see Clark's destiny. The scriptwriters will rather torment us for one more season through lengthy episodes and from a plot twist to another...

First need someone to save our savior from that blue kryptonite:

And then there seems to be a new enemy, do you remember those red dots "attacking" the Green Arrow:

Well before Chloe lost communication with the Green Arrow, he had time to tell her that the red dots were not Kandorians:

So we'll get to learn about who attacked the Green Arrow and how Clark will be saved in Smallville season 10:

Now time for speculation! Who do you think the red dots could possibly be? Checkmate agents, Lex Luthor's agents or some new unknown enemy?