Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Smallville Season 10 Spoilers

Al Septien who's Co-Exec Producer of Smallville revealed a few tidbits about the upcoming season 10 of Smallville via twitter:

Do you know what happened to Chloe's father Gabe Sullivan? Why didn't he attend her wedding, & no mention of him?
I do not. Will try to find out.

I just delivered a baby. any chance i can be rewarded with a Clois spoiler?
Lois and Clark will not be having a baby this season.

Do you know what episode Allison will return in?

Can you give us one word to describe Clark in Supergirl?

Do you know if Sam Lane or Lucy Lane will return later on in the season? I really want to see more of Lois's family.
Stay tuned.

Any chance we see Black Canary back for an episode?
Hope so. I met her at CC and she was very nice. And has been great on the show.

Any chance we see Pete Ross guest star this year?
Don't know about Sam yet.

In Supergirl will Clark/Lois go undercover ...can you say it that's hot or cold?

Do you know if we'll see who took Chloe, or will that be revealed later?
Who said she's taken? Or was that a trick question?

Hey! I was wondering if we were going to get anymore Hawkman this upcoming season?

Hey, Al! We have chances of a happy ending for the couple Chlollie?
Too early to tell, sorry.

Will Hawkman and Oliver share any scenes in the second episode?
Don't believe so.

Is the Chloe/Clark scene in the premiere an emotional one or a matter of fact (ie: just business) one?
Bit of both.